General Wool Care:

Hand wash only, NOT machine wash. Be gentle. Let the item soak in luke warm water for ten minutes or so with some gentle soap; then work it gently with your hands. Try not to wring or vigorously knead to avoid unwanted shrinkage or damage (particularly for the super fine scarves). Rinse with luke warm water and roll up and press in a towel.

Reshape to dry and lay on a towel in the sun


Should you find yourself dealing with a potential stain, immediately apply a solvent-based stain remover such as eucalyptus oil.


Wool products may begin to pill with regular use. This is nothing to worry about. Simply trim any fuzzy areas with a sharp pair of scissors.


If a garment seems to have lost some of its original shape, wet it out with a small amount of soap. Press and then reshape to dry.


Aerate garments after wearing before putting them away.


Check for periodically for signs of wool moths (eggs or adult moths, or signs of fabric having been eaten). Use moth balls or a natural repellant such as lavender, mint,  or cedar (see for more tips).


If a hole occurs, try and sew it up or patch it immediately. If you are not confident about doing this, contact us or find someone else who has the relevant repair skills.



In the case of scarves, lie flat or hang up to dry.

For stiffened (shellacked hats), try not to wash. Ideally brush dirt off with a medium bristled brush.

For slippers, you could insert an inner sole which could be taken out and washed. Spot clean with a damp cloth.